Established in 2018, Project Presents is a luxury merchandise label that has collaborated with one of the biggest rock bands on the planet and out of this came Leppard Lyrics. 

Lifelong, die hard Def Leppard fan, Craig Smith approached his good friend, business entrepreneur James Holland with an idea to produce lyric-based merchandise for the band. James is also a huge fan of the band and a good friend of Rick Savage. Together they got in touch with retail specialist Fraser Rowlin and he was recruited as Creative Director. Fraser has over 20 years’ experience working with high end fashion houses and his award-winning luxury store stocked some of the biggest brands in the industry. It is from this point that the three friends from Sheffield, England began the partnership.


“Turning merchandise into luxury.”

Project Presents is a luxury lifestyle and merchandise label, pushing boundaries with designs and production techniques. We bring a high-end, unique twist to band merchandise and take it to a level that no-one has before. Using some of the best fabrics and one of the biggest print houses in the UK; we create pieces which transcend genres and captivate the imagination of lifelong fans and fashion connoisseurs worldwide. Essentially, we are “Turning Merchandise into Luxury.”



“’Leppard Lyrics’, where a mid-life crisis meets perfection… I’ve been a Def Leppard fan for over 40 years and I wanted to use my passion for their music to give something back to the band.” 

Craig Smith, Co-founder and Director


“I wanted to do something fun and original and have always had a passion for luxury products and clothing, so this felt like the right time for me to get involved with something so unique. Plus, I’m a massive Def Leppard fan so this is the perfect combination for me.”

James Holland, Co-founder and Director


“Creating a label with James and Craig and the first collaboration being with Def Leppard is an honour. Luxury brands is all I know and to be able to put my experience into something special is a dream.”

Fraser Rowlin, Partner and Creative Director