‘You got to wear your heart on your sleeve…’

We wanted to celebrate our amazing customers by sharing some of their pictures either wearing their own Leppard Lyrics clothing or revealing with us where their Project Presents prints currently reside.

We’re showcasing a few of our favourites here…

Shelly Carr has been a loyal Def Leppard and Rick Savage fan for 32 years. Her professionally framed Pink Leppard Lyrics print is #16 and looks FANTASTIC! 

Shelly said: “It is easily the most prized piece of my humble Def Leppard collection. Thank you to Sav and Project Presents!” 


Maggie Horn Walsh told us: “Your amazing Crywolf Leppard Lyrics print is hanging comfortably in my own personal Def Leppard Vault on Long Island, NY. Keep on Rockin’… your products are amazing!" 


David Church sent us a photo of his Pink Leppard Lyrics print, he told us: “It’s #05/25 living in the heart of the South Wales valleys!” 


You can also see some of his photos with members of Def Leppard in the background, which he was also happy to share with us. 

Shannon Johnson, a huge fan of Project Presents posed with her Leppard Lyrics t-shirt in Georgia. 

James stunned us in Bradfield, while Simon shone from Rotherham, in their Billy Got A Gun Project Presents hoodie and t-shirt respectively. 

Gordon Davidson revealed his Crywolf poster on display all the way from Langley B.C. Canada. 

And last, but not least, Darren showed off his And I Lust t-shirt in Italy!