What a year… A look back on 2021

Turning our Def Leppard inspired designs into luxury merchandise, we have consistently pushed boundaries here at Project Presents with designs and production techniques.

Using some of the best fabrics and one of the biggest print houses in the UK, we have continued to provide high quality products for customers around the globe, and 2021, especially, has seen us captivate Def Leppard fans from across the world with our varied designs.

The past few months have seen four new product drops, including that of the Pink Project and its black counterpart, and our most recent black and white “And I Want” launches.

These drops have included luxurious t-shirts and incredible limited edition A1 and A2 fine art prints signed by Def Leppard’s Rick Savage himself.

Fraser Rowlin, partner and creative director at Project Presents, said: “Seeing things grow over the past year has been incredible for all of us at Project Presents. We’ve been making real connections with passionate music fans and seen consistent growth of our audience.”

Here are our Top 3 highlights from the past few months…

1. Def Leppard Licensing

Project Presents merchandise has been officially licensed by the band Def Leppard, and their collections have been lyrically inspired by the band’s records. 

2. Def Leppard Die Hard Fans’

2021 saw the ‘Def Leppard Die Hard Fans’ fan group getting behind and supporting each new launch, allowing Project Presents to engage directly with Def Leppard’s amazing fan base.

Craig Smith, Project Presents co-founder and director, said: “As a lifelong Def Leppard fan it’s been such a privilege seeing the really positive comments when fellow fans receive their merchandise. It’s quite a humbling experience to see that we’ve created something so special that fans can be a part of.”

James Holland, Project Presents co-founder and director, said: “For me, Leppard Lyrics isn’t just a business, it’s being a part of the Def Leppard community and connecting with the fans.”

3. Black Friday

Our final highlight happened in November when all the limited edition fine art prints sold out within hours during Project Presents’ Black Friday launch.

Having dropped with the black “Leppard Lyrics” t-shirt, the matching fine art print soon disappeared from the stockroom shelves after their launch on November 26th 2021.   

The whole team at Project Presents are overwhelmingly grateful for the support of all you!

Here’s to an even better year in 2022!