Sheffield: The Home of Def Leppard + 30 Years Of Hysteria!

This month we spotted the boys on display in Millennium Gallery Sheffield as part of #creativeconnections. It’s no secret that the boys are proudly Sheffield born and raised, and that it was here that Def Leppard formed. Sheffield certainly shows the love back.

Our label was also fittingly brought to life in Sheffield, and each one of the designs worked from scratch to print here.

cry wolf t shirt

Some key historical moments of Def Leppard from Sheffield include:

  • 18th July 1978 - Def Leppard’s first ever performance - a school disco event!
  • December 1983 - Def Leppard’s fourth show of the World Hysteria tour.
  • 5th October 1995 - City of Sheffield honoured the band with a plaque and named the day as ‘Def Leppard Day’.
And I Want And I Need Black T shirt

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Cry Wolf Hoodie

August also marks the celebration of 30 years of the Hysteria album! Our And I Need, And I Lust and Crywolf designs are inspired by the track Animal from Hysteria, making this month their spotlight!

Which one will you pick?